_6681 by Michael Salisbury
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autumn babe.
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Give us peace by afoninaolya on Flickr.
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(via 500px / Cherry Blossom Avenue by Marcel Bednarz)
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Animals & Landscapes! by Alexey

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"My father is a surgeon in Pakistan. One day when I was in ninth grade, he picked me up from school, and told me that we needed to check on one of his patients before going home. When we got to the hospital, he asked me if I wanted to come inside. I told him I’d rather wait in the car, but he insisted. He took me up to the room of one of his patients. There was a woman lying in bed. My father had removed a tumor from her face, and then he’d restructured the bone to repair the damage. As soon as the woman saw my father, she started crying and kissing his hand. She’d already paid for the surgery. Yet she was still that grateful. She acted as if he’d given her new life. That was the day I decided I wanted to go into medicine."
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A couple kissing, Baiser Passage, Versailles, 1950. Photo by Robert Doisneau.
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